In 2017/2018 BACKLIT developed a programme titled Introduction to Art-Writing. A series of workshops to bring together people in Nottingham with an interest in the connections and overlaps between writing and visual art. This was initiated due to limited platforms to publish arts writing across the City and wider region, with little to no specific training and development opportunities for new arts writers. With demand and interest identified and growing, BACKLIT continued the conversation with the industry specialist ArtReview.

In 2019, ArtReview, BACKLIT and its writers-in-residence Nottspoke, got together to discuss ways to support coverage of visual art in the East Midlands. While much visual art writing focuses on what’s going on in the big art centres, less gets written about the vibrant art scenes elsewhere in the UK. The East Midlands boasts a rich mix of public venues, commercial galleries, artist-run and non-profit spaces. As a result, ArtReview and BACKLIT launched Remark, a project to commission new writing on art in the East Midlands. Originally set to launch in May 2020, but postponed due to COVID-19, Remark was developed to focus on the range of activity in the region while offering opportunities for young and early career writers to develop and publish their work. Remark’s funded finished in February 2022.

With continued support from ArtReview, BACKLIT has created an independent online platform, the remark with the dedicated website www.theremark.co.uk. We will continue to support and share NEW paid work from early career writers as well as a paid vocational route for writers with more experience. The writing will celebrate art and cultural experiences and we hope to extend our reach to showcase activity outside of the East Midlands.

If you’d like to write for the remark, check out our submissions page.


For all enquires, please contact us at theremark@outlook.com, as we are a small team please allow up to 7 working days for a response.

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